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Originally Posted by WCTYSON View Post
Not sure this member is around anymore.

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I think his team was Team Braves.
Dang, ok so now we have two teams that need filling.

Originally Posted by SethMurphy View Post
If we need people, my buddy at work is interested, if we need him,I can have him create an account on here for formality, just let me know
I don't have any problems with this, but I'll leave it up to trout2 and the league. I trust you SethMurphy....I was going to make a Mati Te'O joke but got lazy.

Originally Posted by SethMurphy View Post
Just wanted to remember we are keeping 6 major leaguers, and our 4 dedicated minor leaguers

Is this correct
I was checking the league from last year and yes we agreed on 10 just like you said. 6 Major League and 4 Minors.

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We can move on to submitting Keepers once we have all teams accounted for.

Should we set a cut off for returning managers? I know we're really early in the offseason, I mean ST hasn't even started, but last year the draft took forever and we have other issues to address.
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