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Originally Posted by TX_OutLaw View Post
Really Im curious as to how long it will take one of the Admin. or Mods to respond on this thread if they will even respond!

C'mon Admin./Mods Keep us on this forum with a Vintage Section!! So I dont have to go back and fourth from Blowout to SCF!
I vote they create a vintage section and bar you from it for this stupic comment.

That being said, I look at scf.
The 4 major sports have a combined 8 million posts.
The Vintage folder has 19,000 posts.

Also the Blowout Forums is owned and operated by Blowout Cards eho do not sell vintage product.

There is also a search feature where you can use keyword "Vintage" to find what you are looking for.

Though some of the children here consider 1997 vintage you may have to look at an ectra thread or 2.

Just my thoughts
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