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Originally Posted by jlzinck View Post
I vote they create a vintage section and bar you from it for this stupic comment.

That being said, I look at scf.
The 4 major sports have a combined 8 million posts.
The Vintage folder has 19,000 posts.

Also the Blowout Forums is owned and operated by Blowout Cards eho do not sell vintage product.

There is also a search feature where you can use keyword "Vintage" to find what you are looking for.

Though some of the children here consider 1997 vintage you may have to look at an ectra thread or 2.

Just my thoughts
They don't sell vintage products simply because it's not made anymore, but in a sense I believe that Leaf BOB and some similar products do at times have vintage cards present.

I don't think it would hurt, I mean they put a comic book section up and last I checked Blowout doesn't sell comics. At least a vintage section does have a common ground with the rest of the forums.
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