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Originally Posted by gr8azn View Post
I had my spot and payment was due on Monday, for a release thats around two weeks away. Host gave away my spot for no reason and claimed everyone wanted to random, YOU SET DATES FOR A REASON giving my spot away was not good hosting.
Originally Posted by VikingsAllDay View Post
i didnt keep him in the break because he has this on his feedback:

Did not pay for the Contenders football break by the deadline
Hey Vikings, not cool bro! I left that feedback on gr8azn for not paying by the dead line after a few reminders. But you let him in this break so you should have gave him till the deadline. I am not a big fan of his after he gave me a retaliatory neutral that has since been removed by the mods for that feedback you quoted but he is right here.

If you will allow it and both want to do it, he can have my slot before the random if he either pays me full slot cost via gift or you refund my payment and allow him to pay you for his slot via goods.

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