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Originally Posted by braves3331 View Post
Would love to see a vintage section, I think it would be a great idea. I agree with everyone else, anything on vintage seems to get pushed down quick and looked over. I think it would help draw new members to the forums as well.

I recently inherited my step father's childhood collection and would love to display some of his stuff from the collection in this new forum...even the ones that were drawn on, had pinholes, and/or cut up.

You could have an "All Sports Vintage" under hobby talk and marketplace to see how well it does, maybe eventually do "Vintage" sub-forums under each sport in each section if an all sport becomes too congested.
It's not just vintage that get pushed down quick. Any thread with meaning disappears and is replaced with meaningless polls, multiple threads on the same subject, #@#@#@#@#@#@ing, whining and crying threads that have no need of being posted except to look for attention.

Get rid of these threads and the members posting them and you will see a forum with useful information. The sad thing is, by getting rid of these members the forum would be 25% the size it is now.
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