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Originally Posted by GA0 View Post
I need:
DeShawn Stevenson Triple auto
Totally Reds: Nene, Cartier Martin
Nick Young Timeless Tributes
Nene Bonus Shots
Al Thornton Die-Cut

Off the top I know I have a Sean Elliot auto from Prizm, also a red Totally Certified Duncan GU incoming. I'll search my stuff for inserts.
Okay cool. Just let me know!

Originally Posted by doclegend33 View Post
cmb for the big z gu and the iggy timeless gu
I'm just going to list out everything that I saw that she liked Spurs related. We can go from there.

- Tim Duncan 3 way player Patch
- Manu Ginobili Certified FOTG
- Tony Parker Treasures Patch

#'d Cards:
- David Robinson TTT /99
- George Gervin NT Base /99
- Manu Ginobili TTT /333
- Tim Duncan Topps Hardwood
- Tim Duncan TTT /99

- George Hill UD RC Exclusive
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