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Originally Posted by Cubfan86 View Post
Does anyone think Season 1 will start going up in price? I am sitting on 5 cases because I think when Season 3 gets closer to airing interest will rise.
Originally Posted by Igman7 View Post
Not at all, which is why I cautioned folks about stocking up on this product thinking it would be like The Walking Dead. You will be lucky if it holds it's value or only decreases slightly over time.
Originally Posted by Ronin View Post
Agreed, and I hope they make the autos more rare as well. No more main hits as incentives and lets hope they don't go premium pack with this.

Maybe something like.. Costume 1:1 Box, Sketch 1:2 Box, Auto 1:3 Box, Sketch Auto 2:Case?
As Iggy said, this is not Rittenhouse' model. Look at any Star Trek release. The value is highest right after release and except for select continues to drop until it bottoms out a few months later.

They ALWAYS repeat the top hits.
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