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If you want that girl,its simple.Go find you one of those cool girls,the type that just average looking.And doesnt think she is anything special.

Tell her,you wanna change her life and make her feel like a queen.Follow these steps and you can have the girl of your dreams.

1)Go find you one of those girls that is average looking.That dreams of being on the cover of cosmo.But,she is poor and wants nothing more than to climb the social ladder in life.Between 5'5-5'10 height,100-140 pounds and between 18-24 y/o.
2)Get about $25,000 cash or credit(depends on where you live,could be more).
3)Find a really good plastic surgeon
4)Have her go under the knife(boob job,nose job,tummy tuck,butt implants,etc..)whatever she is lacking.Once she is healed,have her go to the tanning salon,nail shop,and find her a good hair salon.
5)Go clothes shopping and lease her a new car.

You have just created a high maintence girl,congrats.She will stay with you aslong has you can maintain her appearence and social life.But,in the long run she will leave you for some old dude with money and within 5-8 years be so warped and clinically depressed.She will end up doing porn or cracked out.
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