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I don't fault them for repeating the big autos, a TV show only has so many stars and while getting new supporting actors to sign for subsequent sets helps it's still the big names that drive sales.
That being said, Rittenhouse could do better with the big main cast repeat signers. Just look at Cryptozoics follow ups to Big Bang Theory and Vampire Diaries, all the big names are signing again, but they put a neat twist on them by having the new autos as autographed costume cards this time and I haven't heard a single person complain about those repeat signers.

As for GOT, I really hope they do away with multiple versions of the same signers. While the cards were different the sheer numbers of autographs flooded the market fast, especially the lesser names. I don't think many people outside of master set collectors or those who were huge fans of specific actors needed to get both versions.
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