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Originally Posted by CALVINXLIONSX81 View Post
I would assume Louisville falls to #6 or so

My top 4
#1 Duke
#2 Kansas
#3 Michigan
#4 Syracuse
why would you assume #1 drops to #6, based off a 2 point loss to the #6 team?

while its true none of the other teams you mentioned lsot this week...the only team to face a challenge really was Michigan, who beat a top #10 Minny team.

Duke was losing to an 0-4 ACC G Tech team at halftime before pulling away 2nd think that deserves #1?

Kansas beat a decent Baylor squad and squeaked out a win against 0-4 Big 12 Texas...

im not saying i believe UL is "the best"..but your criteria for them dropping so far is puzzling.
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