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Originally Posted by RipitRipken View Post
Look....I've been a buyer and a seller of "stuff" for 8 years. Cards, music gear and all in between. It's delusional for a seller to expect a buyer to NOT do research on ebay. It's delusional for a seller to expect to sell an item for middle or ABOVE ebay prices. This forum irritates the crap out of me with how much clutter there is because buyers and sellers are delusional. Probably half of the sales threads don't EVER move cards because people have unrealistic expectations.

I'm sorry but look:

2012 platinum jesus montero auto refractor| eBay

Jesus montero did NOT recently sell for an "Average" of $10. Do your research. Unless I'm searching wrong the last four sold for $8, $8.50, $8 and $ why would I pay $10 and why would you expect to make $2 above that average price AND earn an extra 9% from avoiding ebay fees. I'll concede if I searched too narrowly and am missing completed listings but I see no average of $10...

It's also irritating for people to say "move on" if you don't like the prices because guess what? It wastes my time as a buyer.

OP I don't mean any offense to you, I have done the same thing in the past but learned pretty quick. If you really want to sell something you need to price competitively. Also, why on earth would you list a card for $100 OBO and then say no offers below $50? That's just insane. List the card for what you need to get for it and quit wasting time by beating around the bush.

Shipping isn't free.... It costs $2-$3 every time to ship a package.... Most people charge $2.99 for shipping, so $8+$2.99 shipping is $10.99. $10 is a good price on that card for a Montero fan, as it IS cheaper than eBay average.
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