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Originally Posted by wheeler281 View Post
you did not ship so there is no shipping to get refunded? If you printed a label just cancel it and there is no trying they will refund you in a couple weeks
I paid for the label in order to print it, so yes, there is shipping to get refunded. Paypal isn't voiding it so I have to call them tomorrow (I know how to void labels, I've done it before but for some reason this one says it can't be voided).

Originally Posted by IronMonkey415 View Post
Seen him around on here I think.
Yeah, he's buying and selling here as recently as yesterday. I'm just putting this up as an eBay warning, not saying anything about his behavior on BO. It's not personal.

Ironically however, here's his sig:

I ONLY accept and send cash. I do have a PayPal that I'll accept payments under 10$ on. If you can't do this please don't waste our time.
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