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Originally Posted by CC_123 View Post
Less players that can score means they will be focusing on the couple that are healthy that can score, so your "logic" makes no sense. If the Wolves were 100%, it opens more opprotunity for Williams and Rubio since the opponent wouldn't be focused on them like they are now that the Wolves top weapons are injured. And everyone knew that Rubio wasn't a scorer coming into the NBA. If he averages 10 PPG for his career with 9-10 APG, 1.5 SPG, and 4 RPG he would exceed expectations.
No team focuses on stoping Rubio and Williams. They want Rubio and Williams to shoot. Just like teams want Rondo to shoot.
To be an elite player you need to get it done.
Wolves still have Pek, Ak, Luke, JJ ect...
Not like Rubio is playing with guys off the street. I just hate excuses. You either show up and get it done or you don't.
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