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Originally Posted by pnft17 View Post
No team focuses on stoping Rubio and Williams. They want Rubio and Williams to shoot. Just like teams want Rondo to shoot.
To be an elite player you need to get it done.
Wolves still have Pek, Ak, Luke, JJ ect...
Not like Rubio is playing with guys off the street. I just hate excuses. You either show up and get it done or you don't.
Look at the players that are playing RIGHT NOW. They just signed Gelabale and Chris Johnson to 10 day contracts and HAD to play them with significant minutes and in crunch time last night. Outside of AK47 and Ridnour, the Wolves don't have scorers on their roster healthy. They are playing players like Greg Steisma, Lou Amundson, Johnson, and Gelabale because they have injuries to all of their scorers besides the ones I stated. Love, Roy, Budinger, Pek, and Shved are all out right now. It makes a big difference having those players to open up the floor more for Rubio, Williams, ect. Last season before Rubio got hurt, having Love and Pek playing healthy benefitted him and that's why he averaged 10 PPG. With the roster the Wolves have HEALTHY right now, the teams are goin to be focussing on Rubio, Williams, Ridnour, and AK47 more, unlike when the Wolves are healthy where the teams would be focussing on Love, Pek, and AK47 over Rubio and Williams.
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