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Exclamation AAAAHHHH!! I got TTM Auto withdrawals!!

This is getting has been at least 3 weeks since my last success!!
I told my wife I think that mail lady is keeping them!
While I was joking, I am beginning to wonder...Really, I mean it!
This is nutz! I have seen successes from people I sent the same thing to at the same time but nothing here! UGH!

HELP ME!! I NEED A FIX!! I am seriously thinking of sending to Bobby Doerr again just because he returns quick! Either that or sending requests to my neighbors! LOL!!

Am I alone? Anyone else needing a hit?
Please tell me I am not alone....please?

I Love My Family, The NY Jets & Autographs...Lots & Lots of Autographs!!!
TTM Autographs make getting the mail FUN!
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