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Originally Posted by vc15jrich23 View Post
Sports cards in general are a bad investment.
I agree.

I honestly think that the hobby itself has been in such a downward spiral, I don't see it ever fully getting back to the way it was 5 years ago. New sets will intrigue and spark interest, but unless you have BIG HIGHEND and crazy buyers (like we did see with Nat) then the market will continue to be stale.

The hobby is simply fully with flippers, investors and everyone just trying to make money. That will cause prices to drop lower and lower. Plus with overproduction already driving prices downward, I can't see any investments worthwhile in the sportscard industry.

Now there are TONS of scammers, people manipulating the system, deceit and unfriendliness in the hobby. Kid's can barely afford to collect anymore with Panini only putting out $100 boxes. I remember being able to bust Fleer boxes for $30-40 each, Upper Deck boxes for $50-75 Panini garbage is minimum $100/box for JUNK! And look at the quality of the past few year's releases from Panini & Upper Deck ... CRAP!

People have lost the true spirit of the hobby. I look at breaks on youtube or on the break section here ... as soon as someone pulls a nice hit they want to know "HOW MUCH CAN I SELL THIS FOR? WHAT'S THIS WORTH?" Not "WOW WHAT A GREAT PULL, THIS WILL BE IN MY COLLECTION NOW BECAUSE IT'S PERSONAL TO ME!" ... All we hear when people break product and don't get a $800 card is "THIS PRODUCT SUCKS, I COULDN'T *MAKE MY MONEY BACK!*!" ... Everyone is looking at sportscards as a money maker, as a business ... and not as a hobby. And this isn't related to people who are doing it as a business because they *NEED* to ... it's people recklessly spending THOUSANDS each month on box breaks looking to hit the BEST card in the product simply to resell and make a profit.

The only spark we've REALLY seen in the hobby recently was when Nat went on his buying spree and caused inserts to go through the roof. Once he stopped, they've already settled back down. I don't know if we can count on another MULTI millionaire buying cards with no regard to shilling or astronomical prices being paid.

We see sparks with a set like Prizm, but it's all hype. Even most of the people on here who have any are simply buying them to grade and flip ... not actually *COLLECTING* them ... so they'll eventually dump them and hope for profit, and move on to the next set to hype and flip.

The hobby has changed so drastically over the past 5 years ... mostly for the worse. There are more scams than ever. No UD license. Panini products are watered down, overproduced and overpriced. MANY of the BIG collectors of the past 10 years have bailed on the hobby since everything has gotten so ridiculous. I've personally known MANY collectors over the years, who simply don't collect anymore. We don't see many people entering in the hobby solely to collect the cards. I can name about 5 people on Blowout who just simply popped up and started to post a lot recently with ton's of breaks and big card 'pickups' and they're right back on eBay to be sold for a profit, or graded and then back on ebay to flip.

Everything that's happened over the past 5 years has been simply a recipe for disaster.

It won't get better any time soon either...

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