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Originally Posted by IndySportsCards View Post
Word of Caution. I talked with the owner of Clark Toys today about those Django Figures with the slave-action grip and he told me he's been told by NECA that they may not be able to fulfill his pre-orders as it was, and they will fill them as they came in, but chances are if you ordered later, you may not see your orders. Be carefull if pre-selling if you've ordered through Clark Toys.
yeah you could see this one coming a mile away. it's almost a given that no one that has pre ordered these the last week or so will ever be seeing them. if you weren't lucky enough to order these months ago and get them before all the hub bub started you are sh!t out of luck. hope that kyle kid didn't spend any of the money he thought he made the other day, cause he'll be issuing some refunds to some unhappy customers really soon here.
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