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Originally Posted by tristan20 View Post
High risk high reward

But I do know some crazy collectors that pay high for cards only to sell them back at 1/2 or even 1/3. Card laundering lol
Haha I hear ya. This is how I look at cards: I buy cards I like and want to keep, but I have a mindset of I'm always willing to part with pretty much anything I have if it blows up and becomes worth a lot more than what I originally paid for it. Example: I have 2 Tim Tebow rookie autos I bought within the past couple months. I love the guy and will more than likely keep at least one of them, but in the event we ever had another Tebow mania and I could then sell one or both for double of what I paid for it, you better believe it's gone! I guess I'm a collector with a flipper's mentality lol I dunno. I'm not in it strictly to make money but if anything I've collected becomes worth enough to where making some money is possible, then I'm probably going to move it. I have a few cards I will probably never ever sell, but I don't fall too much in love with them because I'm always willing to part with something if it means a profit.
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