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Originally Posted by kyleg40 View Post
I never spend money, until I ship.. Its part of pre-orders..Been doing pre-orders for awhile now. I have no problem selling them, as long as I list them as a preorder. And then I sit on the cash until I have the item shipped. I actually have the set ordered..I ordered it back about a month ago when TFAW first offered them..But yes I am sure some people pre-sell and keep everything.
well it's good you keep the money, but you are just playing with fire doing as many pre-sells as you say you do on ebay. most buyers aren't what you call reasonable people, and the first time you have a major problem, or can't get orders out you are going to find out just how retarded people on ebay can be. just trying to point it out to you cause it seems you are new to selling by looking at your account.

i've been selling since 2006 and it's really not worth it to do what you're doing in the long run. i know you want to get the latest things out and listed to get top dollar, but you are running the risk of getting cases opened on you, and ebay and paypal absolutely have hard on for people selling things they don't have in hand.

once you have a problem and get some chargebacks for pre sells you will raise every red flag they have over at paypal for selling items you don't have, then you are in a world of #@#@#@#@. they will put a lock on your account and freeze up any money you have in there for months while they do their
"investigations", trust me i have first hand experience in this. i also know a few other people that got their accounts limited and shut down for that. then you will have to start all over again and open a account using your wife or mom's name. i was young and stupid and learned the hard way, just trying to help you out. it's really not worth pre selling on ebay no matter how many bases you think you have covered.
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