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Originally Posted by dasiegel View Post
I think a lot of pure collectors are missing something, one of the things that makes this hobby so great is how many ways you can collect. I've said this in other threads but I am half flipper half collector. I have a weakness for busting wax, which I think is a main stay of this hobby undoubtedly... taking the risk on a box or pack with the hope that you pull something awesome.

In 09 I busted a box of 07 Co-signers fball in Central Jersey. I didn't even collect fball but the price was too good, I pulled a 1/1 printing plate auto of Namath/Elway. I told the owner and he said some real, true, grade A talk, "There are very few things in this world, especially with all this technology that is a genuine surprise, but when you bust a pack of cards, you truly never know what will be in it."

But some people hate busting wax. They like supercollecting a player, or a team, or a category. I think we as collectors have to be more tolerant. It doesn't suck that some people are out there flipping cards, its just a newer part of the hobby. Anyone who doesn't like that can bypass it and collect, bust wax, sell lots, trade or anything else.

I also disagree with cards being a bad investment. I would agree that they are a very uncertain long term investment. But short term meaning 1 day to 3 years is fun and can be profitable if you are careful. Plus if you are a sports fan it give you players to root for in games that otherwise wouldn't matter because their play obviously relates to the card value.
Exactly. It's kinda like playing fantasy sports, just with cards as your team lol. Also it's kinda like a mini stock market. I'm the same way you are, part collector, part flipper. I think cards can be an investment.. No investment is really guaranteed.. You could invest in the real stock market and lose everything it's just a matter of making smart moves and also getting a little lucky sometimes. I think certain cards, like Jordan Bulls autos, are solid choices for longer term investments.
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