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Originally Posted by The Card Album View Post
This is nothing. Remeber the time Belidick threw a cameraman to the ground? Lol

At least this time he did wait around on the field and actively seek out the opposing coach for a handshake before skittering back under his rock.

You can tell a lot about a man by the way he dresses and his overall grooming. Looking at Bill Belichick he set the bar pretty low for himself right off the bat, so I don't expect a lot of etiquette and class since he makes millions but can't comb his hair and dresses like a bum from Central Park.
Really? reeeeeeallllllllllly? much fail..... You can't tell anything from anyone's appearance, if you think you can you have probably made some terrible snap judgments in your life.....

Did Haiku dress nice?, how about mother Teresa?, Ghandi, etc?
PCing....2012 Nick Toon and Russell Wilson, 2005 Aaron Rodgers and any Jerry Rice.... that I like.
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