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Originally Posted by kl4life2 View Post
I could care less about this whole thing since my Browns can't even sniff a winning season let alone the playoffs, but didn't Jim Harbaugh refuse to speak with FOX yesterday too? He also did it last year when he lost. They are obligated by the NFL to speak with the network covering the game, but let's not lose sight of the fact that Bill wasn't the only one doing it/to have ever done it.
Finally a post that shows both sides of the coin, Harbaugh has not honored a CBS interview in 3 years (actually was discussed on one of the pre or post game shows) and the mere fact Belichick 'skipped' the on field inteview would have been a non-story if not for the 'grandstanding' from Sharpe.

If some of you are so caught up in this nonsense, watch his post game interview a few posts up, trust me it's as riveting as all of Belichick's interviews!

He was very humble as would be expected from such a successful Coach and franchise that does not take losing lightly, and as a Pats fan I respect that competitive attitude. That being said this team will be back next year with the same winning demeanor they have always had.
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