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Originally Posted by JFBanicki View Post
In case you missed it he was NOT required to talk to the media IMMEDIATELY after the loss. He was required to give an interview after he went to the locker room and had some time to cool off and talk with his team.

BB is a cry baby and is still bitter that he is not allowed to cheat to win. Heck an idiot can coach a winning team when he knows what plays the other D is gonna run and can signal audibles to his QB to beat the coverage. BB is NOT the great coach everyone gives him credit to be, he's a great GM and can assemble a solid squad but he can't out coach he best. Same goes for his cry baby QB. They won 10 games without him, TB is a product of a system and benefits from having a decent D and good weapons and ever since BB could no longer tell him what the D was doing he has choked when it matters the most. He certainly couldn't carry a crappy team to 12+ wins a season like Manning did in Indy.

Your precious Pats are cry baby, poor loser cheaters and thats all a FACT that has been proven.
AMEN!!!! Glad someone else said it!
The Deflategate truthers are like one of those doomsday cults that declare the world is going to end at a certain date and time, and when it doesn’t, they just say “Whoops! We were slightly off in our math,” and then just pick another date.
Also, David Ortiz thinks he is bigger than the game.
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