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Looks like a fake to me too. In all honesty, the "o" and "b" seem to be the only things that would be consistent with his autograph. He regularly misses on the "K" like that, so that's not a giveaway in my mind. But, like some of the rest of the auto, the line down on the K seems to be pretty unsteady as does the bottom part of the angled part of the K...if that makes sense.

The swoop down on the "e" looks very forced, where on a real auto, it should be very fluid. Also, neither the 2 or the 4 look like Kobe's writing. I have seen way fewer examples of him inscribing 24 than I have of him inscribing an 8, but both the 2 and the 4 are written in a different style than Kobe writes both of those numbers from what I've seen.
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