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Originally Posted by GOWIFB View Post
Yea I dunno....I would be very wary of this person. If I were you I would first just double check to make sure I dont miss out on the timeframe to file a paypal claim if needed. I would also suggest video taping when you open the package if in fact you get one. Have heard stories of people sending empty boxes or boxes just filled with random cards rather than what is supposed to be in them. They do that so they have a delivery confirmation # and can try to claim to paypal that the buyer is scamming them
Thanks for the info, IF (big if lol) I ended up actually receiving the shipment, I had planned on recording the opening of the package(s) in case she tried to pull that crap.

Originally Posted by danimal View Post
This is 100% bad for anyone who hasn't got their stuff yet. Competitors shilling auctions is the stupidest reason I've ever heard for making feedback private. What does that even mean??? Why would that make you make your feedback private? I guarantee every single one of those negatives is for not delivering product.

If any thinks this seller is legit, I have some Big Baller Lots to sell you.
I do not at all believe that was the reason she changed her feedback to private. I had been checking her page and everything was fine one day... which is how I knew she had shipped at least 2 cases since there was positive feedback for those items. 2 days later I checked again and she had 8 new negative feedbacks and changed it to private. She had also removed her listings.

On a side note of getting ripped off, avoid "CANDYCANE28570." I ordered a box of TT over 2 weeks ago and it hasn't shipped. Checked feedback today, a bunch of new negatives for the same product... "item never shipped, no communication, etc."

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