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Default Bruins 2013 Thread

Having just watched the Bruins beat the Rangers then Jets in a SO today, I have to say I'm impressed with this years team. They are consistantly taking it to the net, and cycling the puck in the offensive zone making this years team an offensive threat each night. But as in past years this team needs 'finishers'. They will get their 30+ SOG per game, but need to bury their quality chances.

Bergeron, Krejci, Seguin & Lucic along with a returning Nathan Horton give this Bruins team a balanced scoring attack.

The Bruins have (3) well balanced lines with a better than average 'grind it out' 4th line, defense will only improve as Hamilton and Johnson get better adjusted to the team. Their defense will be key in getting the puck up ice, and this defensive core has the legs/players to do just that.

Rask is going to be the impact Goalie the Bruins have hoped for, as his 'traditional' style will make most fans forget about the Tim Thomas ordeal IMO.

The quality of play overall by the Bruins as well as their first two opponents has been close to mid-season form, of which I attribute to players being active in Europe and the AHL during the lockout.

So Bruins fans what do you think about this years team, and will Tukka be able to handle the increased playing time during this condensed season.

Let's GO Bruins and bring the Cup back to Boston!!
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