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Originally Posted by Carrbeaz View Post
*Seller drops it into a manilla envelope and slaps a few stamps on it. That should do it!

Oh yeah, *Writes on envelope with comic inside, (with ballpoint pen mind you) "Ok to fold to put in small mailbox"

I hope you know I am teasin and hope this didnt give you a twisted stomach.
Knowing my luck, this scenario would not surprise me I am actually more worried about the guy seeing what the PP #1 sold for right after I won his. The book sold to me for $163 and the pictures showed pretty flawless. The one that went right after his, $320. However, there were more pictures involved with that one. I am hoping the "3" feedback of my seller is what scared people off. I was willing to gamble on this guy just being new to selling on Ebay.
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