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Originally Posted by hxcdavidjones View Post
Okay guys,

I am in the giving mood lately, and this is my biggest contest so far.
I would like this to go a true Rams fan, or a Brian Quick PC'er.
What you have to do is guess the correct date that I will officially be medically discharged from the Army. Just to give you parameters, it could be anywhere from DEC2012 to MAR2013. Just waiting on a few more things to be processed at the moment. This will be a running contest until I am officially out of the Army.

EDIT: I forgot to put that if nobody hits it dead on, then I will send the closest without going over $50 dollars paypal.

Brian Quick PC pictures by hxcdavidjones - Photobucket

There will be a few more cards added to this in the next couple days

Only one post per day.
No editing!
Must have an iTrader of 20+ with no negatives

Thanks and good luck!
Hopefully soon, thank you for your service
Teams- Ravens Rays Lightning Magic Warriors
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