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It appears Tony Gonzalez played his last game yesterday. So, I figured I would open with a couple photos and quotes from Gonzalez from yesterday, and a post few more card images. Hoping Gonzalez well in his next step of life.


“It’s just time,” said one of the toughest, greatest and most interesting tight ends to ever play the game. “I can’t keep chasing a Super Bowl.”


"I've been very blessed. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me," Gonzalez said at his locker. "I've had a great ride, an unbelievable ride. ... I have no regrets. Not one. And if there's anyone out there, media or anyone, (who) even think about saying that I'm going to have regrets, I'm telling you right now, that's not the case, and I wouldn't trade it for anything."
"I was ready today," he said. "I would love to keep playing, but that's the nature of the beast."


“It's probably the last time I'm going to wear that uniform,” Gonzalez said after the game, according to the team's website. “I didn't want to take it off, to tell you the truth. All good things come to an end and, like I said all season long, this is probably my last one. What an unbelievable ride.”
“I don't want anybody out there to feel sorry for me,” Gonzalez told the website. “I've had a great ride -- an unbelievable ride. A great career, from the Falcons to the Chiefs, it's been awesome. I have no regrets. Not one.”

Though he was selected to his 13th Pro Bowl this season, Gonzalez reportedly told the team's website that he will probably not be attending."

2005 Ultra All-Ultra Team Tony Gonzalez Game-Used Jersey Card Blank Back Proof (a slightly oversized, thin cardboard, blank back, no jersey or cutout, eBay purchase version)

2005 Donruss Zenith #Z44 Tony Gonzalez Gold 32/75 & 45/75

2006 Bowman Sterling #BS-TG Tony Gonzalez Jersey Lot

2007 Exquisite #EP-GT Tony Gonzalez 05/50 {Red Jersey Photo) and 2007 Exquisite #EP-GZ Tony Gonzalez 32/50 (White Jersey Photo).

2007 Topps All-Pro Relics Patches #APR-TG Tony Gonzalez 08/99. The numbered patch cards were inserted into packs at a crazy 1:8,550 rate. This is the edge of a Pro Bowl logo patch...the corner above this swatch is listed on ebay which helped me identify it.)

2009 Donruss Gridiron Player Timeline #24 Tony Gonzalez Platinum 11/25, 19/25, 25/25; 2009 Donruss Gridiron Player Timeline #24 Tony Gonzalez Gold 002/100, 039/100, 055, 097/100; and 2009 Donruss Gridiron Player Timeline #24 Tony Gonzalez Silver 050/250, 067/250, 202/250.

2009 Topps Unique #11 Tony Gonzalez Gold 02/25 & 10/25, 13/25, 15/25 & 25/25

2011 Topps Inception #38 Tony Gonzalez Platinum 1/1

2012 Panini Black Tony Gonzalez Material Combo 02/05

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