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Default 2 more 2012 Benchwarmer Holiday (#6&7)

So got 2 more in, pretty happy with my breaks, all 11 base blue autos were new, so not bad in 7 boxes I only have had 4 dupes...kinda wierd, had 2 green parallels in one box, with 5 base blue, instead of 1 green and 6 blue

Probably gonna hit the bay on the bigger hits, unless I get a comparable offer, probably a slight ebay discount, but thats about it...

Box 6:

Base Blue:
Miriam Gonzalez
Jessica Burciaga
Cristal Camden
Tanea Brooks
Heather Rae Young

Base Green:
Lisa Gleave
Jaime Hammer

Airmail #/25:
Traci Bingham

Miki Black Pink Parallel Auto #3/15

Maria Kanellis Shoe #18/50

Jennifer Korbin Auto Letter "E" #5/5

Box 7:

Base Blue:
Kara Monaco
Jennifer England
Cecille Gahr
Torrie Wilson
Megan Hauserman
Holley Dorrough

Base Green:
Jessica Burciaga

Airmail #/25:
Miki Black

Brandy Grace Green Parallel Auto #10/10

Kara Monaco Holiday Swatch #23/25

Brandie Moses Dec 25th Auto #2/2
Not looking for anything specific...usually will just looks through buckets and lists to see what catches my eye.
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