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Saying Prizm basketball was product of the year is like saying the Kia Sorento is the best Kia released all year. Sure, its the best Kia, but its still a Kia. Fact is, there were no other companies to compete, so Panini had a captive audience. Basketball collectors were fighting over scraps. Look at what happened with Fleer Retro - OBVIOUSLY the product of the year.

Prizm wont be as successful in Football because football already has a far superior product in Chrome. It had muuuuuch better design work, on card autos, and all sorts of reasons to latch on. As I have said before, this product looks nothing but exceptionally boring in the design. Its easy to see that Panini has no experience making cards like this.

Sure, just put ROOKIE in 140 point text, and take up the bottom quarter of the card with a stupid looking border. Love it.
How is Chrome a better design? The card is mostly the picture. All variation in card design is the color of the border. Were black, pink, blue, red, etc. borders ground breaking design? Prizim has great looking insert sets. Maybe you don't like them, but at least there was effort put into the product.

I think Panini has a better idea on how to produce a chromium inspired card than Topps. They use a thicker coating than Topps, so the cards don't have that disgusting inch of bend to them with some corner twist added in the mix. Also, half of the cards don't have the standard Topps Chrome full card length scratch. It's easy to see that Topps throws out the same thing every year and some people are in awe of the different colored borders every year.
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