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Originally Posted by booyahlaw View Post
I sent the guy an Ebay message last night trying to get the provenance on the card. Below is exactly what he sent me in response:

"i bought the cards from a guy who is friends with david and reed flair. cards were sent to ric to sign and return to be inserted into packs but he never sent back. thats all i know about them. i only know of a few of them"

I guess it is possible that, like some of the WCW cards, cards were sent to Ric Flair which he never returned. Someone on another board mentioned that Flair was listed as a signer on the original sell sheet for this product. However, I agree with others that the autograph looks off when compared to other Flair ones I have seen. Flair's current signature looks pretty consistent with some of the older ones I have seen.

The card may be the deal of a lifetime, but I would never spend that kind of money unless a was certain of its authenticity.
interesting ..
anyone on twitter or facebook to ask Flair(s) directly about the card lol
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