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Restoring my faith in mankind one post at a time .. LoL . Again thank you everyone for everything . It does mean a lot more then you all know . And again I do appoligize for acting out harshly when someone posted anything I perceived as negative . As I said before, at this point in my life I just really do have zero tolerance for idiots . I wasn't trying to debate anything . Just trying to build a army of prayers for my son .

We have a very tough meeting today, (@4pm EST) as my and my family have our "care" meeting . Where we will have to discuss things such as Quality of Life vs Quantity of Life, and any decision we want made from here on out including things like, traches, DNR orders, and CPR . We also have to make decisions as to what machines we are willing to use on him, trial drugs, scientific research ... makes me sad even typing it

I have had 9 days here now and have had to come to peace with god, with myself, with my place on this planet . I have to be okay making these decisions and able to live with them . I have had several euphoric moments and several more to come I am sure . These are no decisions any parent should have to make .

Last, for now that is, I received a package in the mail yesterday (received saturday, mom handed it to me yesterday) with no return address and a CHICAGO postmark .. letter states " Hello Dustin , and family . I am so sorry for what you and your family are going through . It breaks my heart . I wish I had money to help you and your family but I do not . I blow all my money on sportcards . I wish I had a Michael Jordan card to offer but I do not . ( I know you are a fan ) I know you are a card guy so I thought this might bring a smile to your face and maybe give you a moment of normalness . And maybe worth a few bucks here real soon . Feel free to sell or keep or whatever you like . I wish I could do more . Do not let ANYONE bring you down . I send this to you in memory of my son . May god be with you and your family ." In the envelope was a Colin Kaepernick 3 color patch auto rookie /525 . I can only assume it was someone on this board . I am so thankful and it did make me smile . I truly have no idea who sent it , so if you are reading this thank you so very much . What a awesome gesture and I am so sorry for your own loss . Connor is my little buddy and we always sit and watch football together . Since the Monday he was born and we sat and watched Peyton Manning (sept 17) . Your gift means a lot . And go 9ers .

Keep the positive thoughts coming in our direction and I have never been so anxious or nervous for a meeting in my life . Team Connor !! No Matter What !!

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