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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Belittling? Did you even read what he wrote? He said outside of the US no one ever invents anything and that China is a third world country.

Typical american giving americans a bad name!! I bet you still think the term 3rd world country still exists and hasnt been changed to "Developing nation".

You keep thinking you are one up on China. They pretty much own you. But not me!

now wait 3 seconds for the...

" I never said that. Show me where I said that!!"

LOL. If you think China owns USA you are smoking some really good stuff. THe living standard is not even close. I said most inventions so far came from Europe/USA because of the University system, which China never had. Indonesia, India are also developing countries, its a nice term for "poop hole". America/some of Europe is the Roman empire of our time. China, India, still need 30-50 years to reach their living standard
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