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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
What type of living standard? One that bankrupts a nation and puts it in trillions of dollars in debt? That standard of living?

The United States of America is a fairly "new" nation when it comes to history. You cannot compare it to the history of nations like China, India or some old Europe nations.

You're right China does not own the US. Infact China has nothing to do with the US by your viewpoint. You keep buying everything they manufacture for you. You keep trading your bank note for a promisary note while the chinese buy that debt.
China's Water Pistol -

Read and learn from a Nobel prize economist. and yes, Chinas history is so great... If General Mcarthur had his way, China would be nuked back 2000 years. Yes, Us may be a new country, but if it werent for us and the allied forces, China would be a japanese colony today.
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