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Originally Posted by SocraticGoat777 View Post
China's Water Pistol -

Read and learn from a Nobel prize economist. and yes, Chinas history is so great... If General Mcarthur had his way, China would be nuked back 2000 years. Yes, Us may be a new country, but if it werent for us and the allied forces, China would be a japanese colony today.
Whats your point? That the US will never repay China what it owes? What does that say about your country?

I dont care what McArthur didnt do. Thats like me saying if Canadians werent so nice, we would have torn you to shreds in 1812 after we burnt down your pink house! Imagine what would have happend if we werent nice enough to stop after we beat you to go drink beer and be happy?

China and India are real. Dont kid yourself my main man!! Just look around you.
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