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Some more great hits at The Fantastic Store on Blowout TV - January 23, 2013

Thanks again for all the participation!

Tom H's big hit from his case of 2012 Crown Football - Emmitt Smith 2/10!!!

Matt W opened up a few boxes of 2011 Absolute and Gold Standard Football and hit these beauties including a 1/1 McNabb and 2/2 Reggie Wayne

Bryant K's big hit from a couple box splits of 2011 National Treasures Football - Julio Jones Gold RPA Redemption

David S's 2012/13 top three hits from his 12/13 Totally Certified BBall case -

Anthony W's big hit from 2011 National Treasures - Emmitt Smith /37

Andy W opened 2 boxes of 12/13 Prizm BBall and pulled a Kobe auto as well as a Caron Butler Gold 10/10 -

Tanvir D opened up some 2011 Absolute Memorabilia and Gold Standard and pulled these beauties - Brown 2/6, Irvin 2/10 and Tomlinson 2/5!

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