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Originally Posted by Phillyeric21 View Post
Yeah but the thing about Chip Kelly's offense is you need to be able to read defenses and make quick decisions Vick has proven he can do neither. Chip Kelly also said he doesn't need a mobile QB to run his offense Brady runs a version of his offense in New England. Also they hired Pat Shurmur who has a good rep working with young Qbs.
So Foles is Brady? Not even remotely close.

If Vick can't read defenses (can be worked on), then why is it that both Foles and Vick have the same TD:INT ratio? Looks like neither can read defenses then!

In my opinion, the two are relatively similar statwise and skillwise. However, Vick gets the edge since he can make plays with his feet.

If its 3rd and 10 with no open wide receivers, Vick can book it for 15 yards. Foles can't.
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