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Originally Posted by Devi8or View Post
Vick didn't win anything in Training Camp. It was his job to lose coming into this season. If they based the starting job off of training camp and preseason, Foles would have won it easy. Andy Reid is not the type of guy who throws a rookie QB out there at the very start of the season. McNabb didn't even start until almost halfway through the season.

I just can't fathom how you thought Vick was any good at all. Foles aside, Vick was horrible. He's never been able to think fast, pass accurately or read a blitz. His mobility is close to gone, he was getting chased down by 300lb lineman this year.
I don't think Vick is good, but he is certainly a better option than Foles at this point in time. With Kelly's scheme and a healthy team back, Foles can be a talented 2nd stringer for this upcoming year.
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