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Originally Posted by lagalaxyfan23 View Post
I don't think Vick is good, but he is certainly a better option than Foles at this point in time. With Kelly's scheme and a healthy team back, Foles can be a talented 2nd stringer for this upcoming year.
A better option for what? You're speaking as if they are on the cusp of the Superbowl. This team is 2-3 years away from being competitive, so why would you waste time with Vick in the when you know he has no future with the team?

Think of it this way, if the 2 QBs are putting up similar stats, you go with the younger guy who has more potential. It makes zero sense to sit Foles and make him hold a clipboard. IMO it's either Foles as the starter, or Kelly needs to bring his own guy in
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