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Originally Posted by lagalaxyfan23 View Post
For sure. The Eagles draft will be interesting this year.

Well, I'm biased and love Nnamdi. I still think he has some of that Oakland juice left in him. He certainly made improvements toward the second half of the season

DRC is decent. However, the Eagles need to learn how to TACKLE first. Then we're talking business.

DeMeco had a solid year, but you're right about us potentially needing another LB.

In my opinion, the Eagles' biggest need is at the safety position. However, I don't think they need two. Colt Anderson stepped in for Kurt Coleman/Nate Allen toward the last couple games and looked GREAT. Only physical guy out there and made lots of plays. I think he should get the start for this year.

Between Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman, I think Nate Allen is just trash. Both of them however are horrible, but I'd like to see the Eagles draft a safety in the second round or so (Matt Elam?). Someone who can make tackles and force turnovers.

Their run D was fair this year, so I'm not very concerned about that. Although Trent Cole and the DT's were quiet, Brandon Graham looked very impressive with Jason Babin's absence. DARN I can't wait until next year!
Yeah up front I like where we are. I'm not completely sold on Colt yet. He stepped in and played decent, but I still think he's a backup at best. Nate Allen was complete trash as was Coleman. I love Coleman's heart for the game, but there is only so many times you can bite on a play action pass lol.

You know, I like Nnamdi and was stoked when we signed him, but man his ball skills and confidence looked gone. DRC had his moments early on but tailed off. I know a lot has to do with subpar safety help but those guys looked real bad. I could see them coming back, but there needs to be a backup plan if they just don't have it.

I was impressed with DeMeco, saw early potential with Kendricks, loved what I saw from Cox, and felt encouraged by Vinny Curry and Graham. If they go 3-4 I heard Curry may move to LB. it'll be interesting to see what happens with personnel here soon
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