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Default Experts! Can I get some Rodgers help?!

I have never been lucky enough to pull one of his autos. Heck..I never pull any autos hardly ever. So, I am going to have to resort to purchasing one or trading for one.

Now, I do not have the stock to trade for one (at the moment at least.) being on a budget, and being miles away from a shop that sells Hobby product and with out a car it is hard to get good stuff that I COULD use as trade bait.

So, at the moment that leaves me to the purchasing ONLY option. I don't have the funds to do so at the moment, but I WOULD like to get some information so that when I can purchase, I know what to look for.

I wouldn't be able to afford anything high end, because I just don't have that kind of income so saving for something high end is just not feasible in the short-ish term. As it stands, I am just looking for an auto to put into my collection.

What card is affordable? I mean I know that Aaron Rodgers autos are in demand always, but is there one that is "common" that someone could snag for about $100 ish? Maybe one that has plenty in circulation? <-- I really hope this reads well...

Thanks for any and all help! I very much appreciate it!

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