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Originally Posted by drumstyx89 View Post
Can anyone explain to me why there isn't much value in Limited this year? I mean Luck and Griffins /199 are both going for under $200...

I just don't understand the drastic drop in prices
too many impulse buyers in the market and too many people are just looking to pick up the potential hot players as season rolls along and then when the teams are out, they give up. As they figure the luster is gone which it is, but really only because too many of them are backing off.

Im looking to pick up Alfred morris autos, russel wilson and possible RG3 over this downtime hopefully cheaper and ramp up for next season. I mean Morris was hot for a few weeks 80 on avg per auto no matter how high it was numbered and then BOOM!!! (as Madden would say) cant sell them for more than 30ish hardly.
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