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Alright, busy night.

NeedChapmans was nice enough to shoot me a PM tonight and update me on his 8 cases and had great info for me on drop rates. I will be re-doing the slots/draft list a little bit because of this. It turns out the USA auto's drop very frequently, while the elite series and Building block auto's are much tougher pulls. I will be updating the OP soon to reflect these changes.

USA Auto's fall roughly 1 per box, the 15u seem to be harder to pull than the 18u
Building Block Auto's and Elite Series Auto's are about 1 per case each
The Carlos Correa Jersey is #'d /999 and there are 1000 cases produced, so 1 per case
The Back 2 the Future Auto's seem to fall about 6 per case

# of redemptions in the product including Correa's auto

possible SP's include: Russell, Wacha, Berrios and Barnum

OP Draft list has been updated

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