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Thanks Ray and Matt. I very much appreciate the input! The card collecting world has changed SO much since I have got back into it after being ripped off a few years back, and I didn't know if there was a certain Aaron Rodgers auto that isn't as rare as some others.

I was trying to liken it to coins. As an example: A 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter is worth $1,000+ easy and that is if you can't even read the DATE! However, a 1917 (of any MM) can be had for a few hundred in F-VF condition. So, in a way I guess I thought maybe there is a Topps 2007 XXX that is pretty common, but the 2005 SP-A is 10k or know?

Also, Matt, in the past has there been any complications with SA-GE autos? Have they suffered any..."Dez Bryant" issues that you know of or are they like Topps in the sense that they witness all signings?

Thanks a ton!

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