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Originally Posted by blevins26 View Post
It's just a little sickening that Suh gets lambasted for supposedly kicking Schaub in the junk and Brady just gets a free pass.

After seeing both plays repeatedly in super slo mo, here is my take:

Suh--got whipped around on the play. If he was aiming for a nut shot, it was a blind nut shot....maybe he could see his target in his peref

Brady--eyes directly on target, leg in an exaggeratedly high position

IMO, Brady's was clearly a concerted effort to attack the sack. Anyone who tried to argue Suh was targeting Schaub's Schweties should be calling for Brady's head
Because it's not a difficult concept...

Suh has a history of going after players and making stupid, violent plays. Brady's never stomped on anyone, tried to rip their head off well after they play, etc.
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