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Originally Posted by rambel View Post
Just looking at the stated odds again ... and I may just be hoping

"Inserts: Autograph cards (1:24 packs), Wardrobe and Dual Wardrobe cards (1:24 packs), Printing Plate cards (1:864 packs)"

Does that mean that Single Wardrobes are 1:24 packs and Dual Wardrobes are also 1:24 packs ... meaning you would get a single and a dual per box?

Normally, it would say "Wardrobe or Dual Wardrobe cards (1:24 packs)". I just may be a grammar nazi
I would agree with SerialKilnWalkr that it means you either get a normal wardrobe or dual wardrobe in each box, which is a shame as I was hoping the dual was going to be an extra hit in the box like walking dead. Otherwise instead of getting 12 wardrobes and 2 dual costume (assuming it's 2 in a case) in a case, you'd only have 10 wardrobe and 2 dual costume. Maybe they just wrote it wrong and dual wardrobes will be extra hits like walking dead.
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