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Default 6 box break on 2012 elite extra edition 2 hot boxes!!!!!!!

addison russell

15u national team auto/jersey numbered to 99
chris betts

18u national team auto/jersey numbered to 249
reese mcguire

15u national team autos numbered to 125
nico hoerner
chris cullen

18u national team auto numbered to 299
keegan thompson

1st overall pick jersey card
carlos correa 50/999

back to the future auto
eddie rosario 423/699

franchise futures green ink auto numbered to 10
damion carroll

elite status die cut auto numbered to 25
trey lang

prospect red ink auto numbered to 25
clint coulter
corey black

elite status blue die cut numbered to 50
chris serritella
tyler wagner

aspirations die cut auto numbered to 100
seth willoughby (red ink)
austin schotts
michael macha
brett mooneyham
jacob wilson
andrew heaney
jamie callahan

franchise futures autos (all different serial numbers)
charles taylor
matt price
nick basto
patrick kivlehan
rio ruiz
austin schotts
lex rutledge
mitch gueller
andrew toles
jaird beras
tyler wagner
albert almora
alex mejia
adrian sampson
jake barrett
omar luis rodriguez (redemption)
angel ortega

prospect autos (all different serial numbers)
dan langfield
jeff gelalich x2
joe munoz
max fried
kevin gausman (redemption)
michael earley
luke maile
tyler naquin
spencer edwards x2
nick goody
mitch haniger
chase dejong
patrick cantwell
david dahl
brandon brennan

all cards are available please ask

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