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Originally Posted by AceGambit3 View Post
I'm still going with the 1 auto & 2 wardrobes per box.
There are just too many costumes in Cryptozoics next few products not to do this,or
at least have majority of boxes have that lay out.

Regardless, nothing pre-ordered but I know exactly how many the shops around me are getting and their prices are only $6-$7 more than BO/DA per box so I'll just grab all I can from them.
I wish I could find shops around me that would carry some but most places I've called think I'm crazy when I ask for Big Bang Theory cards. Do all the card shops around you carry them? Everything here is Magic or comics and the ones that don't focus on those are more HeroClix and 40K. I can't even find one shop that carries Cryptozoic cards, except for the random retail blisters at Walmart.
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