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Originally Posted by MeetJSquared View Post
I wish I could find shops around me that would carry some but most places I've called think I'm crazy when I ask for Big Bang Theory cards. Do all the card shops around you carry them? Everything here is Magic or comics and the ones that don't focus on those are more HeroClix and 40K. I can't even find one shop that carries Cryptozoic cards, except for the random retail blisters at Walmart.

2 do, but one is heavily into Magic & WOW, while other is major Comic store
(but honestly both haven't a flippin clue about non-sports,
they are just on automatic order lists for a couple boxes of each release
and slap whatever price they want on them when they come in.)
Luckily for me, since they know nothing at all about non-sports,
their prices actually are good for brand new release product.

The main store I go to though is sports only but whenever I ask about certain non-sports, owner is always willing to get in boxes for me.
Helps if you are a regular in your stores establishment.
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